Combat Machete Fighting
Viewer Discretion is Advised: this is the ultimate training disk on “Real Combat” machete techniques and philosophies. Filmed in infrared, it sets the mood for the topic. Real yet detailed so you can teach yourself the basics of fighting with a long blade. Machetes are found around the world as gardening tools or the like, and many people use it as a tool to fight with… thus you need to learn the basics as taught to special military units. This disk isn’t for the weak of heart or younger students, so please order wisely!
Combat Machete dvd
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Master Peter Brusso | 73851 E. Palm Ave, Mecca CA. 92254 | 714.931.8123
There are more then 200,000 deaths by Machete's world wide EVERY YEAR... Don't be one of them!!!
In America we see this type of weapon used to kill people and I have to ask you some thing... Do you know how to use this simple gardening tool for your own self defense if you had to?
You are in luck.... Not only does this DVD show you how to use this weapon to an real world  level, but most of the techniques are transferable to other common items like:
A walking stick

Crow bar


Or even a two foot stick

This DVD contains only real world practical techniques so if you are looking for a nice step by step guide... This isn't it.  Hard hitting techniques that stop your opponent..... Dead in their tracks.  No nonsense stuff at all.. Oh and did I tell you that Viewer Discretion is Advised? Take a peak at the video link below... But again, viewer discretion please, no kids, small people, or weak stomachs...
This DVD is a must for....
Any real world martial artist
     Self Defense practitioner
           Womans self defense practitioner
Order Now... Don't wait any longer to learn this simple effective use of a machete... A standard gardening tool... Yet so devistating in the hands of an expert (almost) like YOU.
International Price $36.40
Why wait for the mail.. Down load it now and get watching this incredible DVD full of great real world techinques...
And we know you will want to practice these techniques with a friend so here is a FREE video on how to make a training tool for your practice times.
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