Deciding NOT to become a victim!

Deciding NOT to become a victim!

Decide not to be a victim!

Deciding NOT to become a victim!… Recently some courageous Americans along with an Englishman took down a terrorist looking to take innocent lives. Had these brave souls not taken action when they did many “victims” would have resulted in what could have been a harsh reminder about the world today that we are living in.


One of the most important points that I felt was worth mentioning was the fact that they made a crucial decision at that moment. They decided right there and then that they were “not going to become victims”. In Anjing Banfa we often discuss the idea that we are not going to allow ourselves to become the victim. This is so important as simply thinking this way makes all the difference between life and death as so illustrated on the train that day in France. One of the Americans while being interviewed stated “As soon as I saw the man with the gun I decided right then that I did not want to die. That is when I quickly sprang into action.” Due to this critical thinking that was exemplified by these four individuals not a soul was lost.

“Always remember that we must NOT allow ourselves to become the victim!”

-Mattias Sensei

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