2018 New Kydex Holsters

New SOLO Kydex holster sold without a self defense weapon.

The SOLO Kydex Self Defense Weapon Holster:



The SOLO Kydex Holster is back even better than before. This is a great option for carrying your self-defense weapon. You can attach this SOLO holster to your webgear, belt loop, or other personal items by adding your own cord and maybe a carabineer. The self-defense weapon fits right into this SOLO holster as shown above.


The Self Defense Weapons with Digit Capture holes slips right into the holster with a solid click. Self defense weapon sold separately










To go see more about this Click Here for the product link.

The NEW 2018 Kydex Holster Neck Rig

The Neck Rig is adjustable and can even work as a shoulder holster! See the video for details.

This Kydex holster is outfitted with a military grade 550 cord that is adjustable and fits around your neck for fast deployment. Again this Kydex holster fits any of our tools with a digit capture hole. You can run, jump, fight or even swim with your self defense weapon securely attached to you and your holster.



To go see more about this Click Here for the product link.

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