Does it matter where you begin to study martial arts?

Start with a search “martial arts near me”.

This is my grandson William Benson in Tae kwon do which is an excellent start for him!
This is my grandson William Benson in Tae kwon do which is an excellent start for him!

I don’t think it does! But start you must. You might start with a search term in Google “martial arts near me“; to see what is available.

Martial arts has so much to offer so many people and most of what you get is great stuff too! Now there comes a time when you must understand the difference between sport arts and combat arts; but that can come much later in life.

As you grow into the whole martial arts thing, you will naturally start to seek out what you are really interested in studying.

For example if you start out in a sport art you might find yourself yearning for weapons disarms, multiple attackers and no rules “street fighting”.

Street fighting verses sport?

Well if you have a child looking for and engaging a “martial arts for kids” is a great place to start. Later, as they grow in competence they will start to see other arts and then get exposed to other styles of martial arts.

This is very positive and to some degree the path we are talking about right now. The quest for more knowledge and capability is a human natural trait and we see that in the martial arts all the time.

In some ways the quest to find your place in the world of martial arts will move them into either a sport art (olympics) or the combat arts like here in Anjing Banfa or even Ninjutsu. If you land on a good sensei they will help the student find what they need.

That said some sensei’s can’t stand to see their students grown into another art but I guarantee it will happen one way or the other. A good sensei will assist his students in finding exactly what they need and they can do it with all the skill plus knowledge of the martial arts.

“Martial arts near me”…You will get there soon enough!

So in conclusion, you can see that there is a natural growth in the martial arts. The more seasoned you get; the more you will see. The more you will see will then lead you into the direction you were meant to go!

Yes, there I said it… meant to go! Most of us in the martial arts; for us it’s a way of life others pass through. However for those of us; we know it’s a way of life, and therefore understand the path of growth to who we were meant to be.

Enjoy the journey!

Master Peter Brusso

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  1. If you are a parent enrolling your child in a martial arts program, I believe the most important factor is the Sensei. You will find your child building a strong respect for a good Sensei. It is not unusual for a child to seek guidance and direction from their Sensei on topics that the child is uncomfortable bringing up with a parent. Therefore, it is critical that you as a parent are comfortable with the values and principles that the Sensei represents. The Sensei will, in fact, be contributing to your child’s development into a future adult. You will be fortunate to find a Sensei like Peter Brusso who has helped develop so many incredible adults from young children.

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