New knife fighting interview

A phone interview from the Raven Talk podcast with Fernan Vargus. 

Master Peter Brusso has been one of my mentors for over a decade. The man has had a vast and unique career in the combat arts. While this interview only scratches the surface, it will give you some insight into the man and his art. This interview was not recorded with the intention of being aired, but rather to be transcribed for inclusion in a future volume of the Masters of the Blade book series from Twin Raven Publishing. The audio, therefore, is not as conversational in tone as our other interviews. The material however is golden. If you enjoy the interview and would like to read similar interviews with other Masters of the Blade please visit for the first book in the series.

The phone interview was interesting. It’s obvious to me that we are a bit different when it comes down to most of the things Anjing Banfa does, and knife fighting isn’t any exception to that rule. 

We do warm-up with what we call quick kill drills and then move into the material. We also have a 3 video series of knife on knife videos offered over at

It is important to understand what it is that you are going to study. That seems nuts but so many go to get some capability and then do not really do the research into what they have chosen to study.

For example, did you know that there are two types of knife fighting target systems? Yes, one is arteries and the other one is solid blood organs. It gets even more nuts after that such as there are “hot weather” fighting systems which means that you are “slashing” across light clothing or nothing at all.

What I teach is an “all-weather” knife fighting in that you need to learn a system that can go through heavy clothing. If you can do that then going through a tee shirt is easy but it’s not true, the other way around.

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