Anjing Banfa FAQ’s

Anjing Banfa FAQ’s

What is Anjing Banfa

Anjing Banfa is the name of our martial art. The name was given to us by a Tai Chi master who watched us form, practice and develop the art in 1981.

Who founded the art?

Master Peter Brusso developed this martial art over many years. He has studied martial arts since he was 6 years old and now he is 67 at the time of this writing. Born from war he realized that regular martial arts just was not fit or designed for total combat. That would be with weapons, against weapons, fighting on the battlefield at hand to hand combat. After he came back from the Vietnam war he went to college and later went to work at Lawrence Livermore Labs  (LLNL). At Lawrence Livermore Labs they had a defunct martial arts club and they asked Brusso sensei to take over the club.  It was there that he created the art known as Anjing Banfa.

What year was the art formed?

When Master Brusso got to LLNL he formed it in 1982. He created a syllabus that centered on devastating combat but also how to discourage an attacker.

Where are the dojo’s?

Currently, Master Brusso teaches from the Salton Sea CA. His other black belts and master ranks teach in the LA CA area and across the nation. 

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