Black Belt Test Videos!

Black Belt Test 2006

Black Belt Test 2006 was a great test where we had the test in Anaheim CA. Everything from surfing, marching with the Marines, LVT history, Language classes, night ops, hanbo class with Larry Sensei… swing dancing and more!


Black Belt Test 2008

Black Belt Test 2008 on the border of Mexico… night ops, ops in Mexico, the team meets the Feds, the team gets shot at, they learn to man track and learn the “ninja net”… and much more.. must see!


Black Belt Test 2015

Black Belt Test 2015 In the desert with lots of twists and turns and even a helicopter attack! We had a sitting Senator with us too… very cool all the way around!


Billy Orr Talk Black Belt Test Nov 2018

Bill Orr is a WWII Pearl Harbor Survivor and then spent 3 years in the Silent Service! What a hero and we got him to come talk to the test team and the sensei’s of Anjing Banfa in our Nov Black Belt Test… listen and learn of American History!

Frank Seringa empowering talk to the Test Team Nov 2018

Frank Seringa is becoming a very powerful business and entrepreneur motivational coach plus mentor… Enjoy his talk to our test team!

How to make a weapon class!

This is one of our standard classes. I, Master Peter Brusso, send out the team into the surrounding areas to make a weapon. Then they come back and show what they did! This of course is after I explain weapon theory. Enjoy!!!

2018 Nov Black Belt Test Graduation!

Here is the Nov 2018 Black Belt test graduation!

The rest of the 2018 Nov Black Belt test is contained within the Members Only Section.