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Anjing Banfa

New knife fighting interview

                                                  Previous Next A phone interview from the Raven Talk podcast with Fernan Vargus. Master Peter Brusso has been one of my mentors for over a decade. The man has had

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Combat Arts

Does it matter where you begin to study martial arts?

Start with a search “martial arts near me”. I don’t think it does! But start you must. You might start with a search term in Google “martial arts near me“; to see what is available. Martial arts has so much to offer so many people and most of what you get is great stuff too!

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Mattias Sensei
Mattias Bellasalmo

Deciding NOT to become a victim!

Deciding NOT to become a victim! Deciding NOT to become a victim!… Recently some courageous Americans along with an Englishman took down a terrorist looking to take innocent lives. Had these brave souls not taken action when they did many “victims” would have resulted in what could have been a harsh reminder about the world

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Kerry Lewis

Martial arts gear

Martial arts gear As we moved through the ranks and tests within Anjing Banfa, there are sets of equipment or (Martial Arts Gear) which were required. At some point this included ponchos, sleep gear, water bladders, etc. Some of our group would get the gear and just leave it in a big bag with their

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Martial Arts

Welcome to our new website

I want to welcome everyone to our new website. Here is a site that I always wanted to have as others can be allowed to access and add content of their own. Just like this blog we can all log in and blog about about our art, ask questions, get other artist idea’s etc. We

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