Legendary Senseihood is a book that covers what it takes to become a legend in the martial arts community. It takes you step by step on what you need, how you need to think, and also covers many martial arts topics in the light of Legendary Senseihood. Topics like black belt tests, how to teach children, how to work with adults, all the way down to how to teach more information and capability than you ever thought you could!This is where Sensei’s learn to be legends.

This book covers how the mind works both in warrior and on the golf course. This book shows you how your mind works, how you project KI energy, receive KI energy, and even how to read intentions of others. You can even “locally influence” others by learning to use something that we were all born with. This book is great for warriors of all kinds, martial artists, golfers, and businessmen.

This is a book that doesn’t exist out in the world as it’s all about Ninja weapons, some secrets, and more. Weapons that are covered have been used by the Ninja for the last 1000 years. Some new things as technology gained ground on time but many are from the very beginning of the Ninja clans!

This is the guide to the self-defense tools, the strategies of self-defense, and the self-defense instructors manual all in one! The self-defense tools have been around since 2003 and have grown in popularity for people to learn plus carry them for their non-lethal self-defense. They have also seen combat in Iraq and Afghanistan as part of the US military and British forces as well. In this book, you will learn each model of Defenders, strategy for fighting, and also the Instructors manuel.

Ever wonder how people make a living off the web? Well, this book will show you how it’s done, each step, and all the things you need to know about doing business on the Internet. It’s not just how to build a website, although that is part of it, rather it understands how the web works. Once you understand the road map of how the web works, you can put it to good use. Just for you! Regardless if you want to sell a real product, an informational product, or work websites like eBay or local lists, this book will put you far ahead of your competition. This knowledge has been compiled and tested for over 20 years. They always say to stand on the shoulders of giants; well, this book does just that. Why reinvent the wheel when you can get the knowledge of how to build that wheel from this book?

Most everyone has stress in their lives, and as such, this book is written for you! You can use this simple, yet so effective technique to rid yourself of stress. This book has drawn from the best parts of some of our other books: “Look for beauty…find happiness” and “Cure PTSD Today.” This book helps you get on the path of a stress-free life by joining techniques from both of these books. First, you can start with the Look for Beauty technique then lead into the Cure PTSD Today psychological technique.

This book, “Cure PTSD Today” was written with everyone in mind who has PTSD. Regardless of where or how you got PTSD, this one-day technique can really help, if not take the symptoms of PTSD away altogether. Peter Brusso cured his PTSD in one day, and he had suffered PTSD for over 46 years! Let me say that again: after 46 years of suffering, he cured his PTSD essentially in one day! How, well, it was an accent as he put together a psychological technique and then multiplied it. Presto, the PTSD ultimately was gone over the next few months of using this psychological technique.

Peter Brusso had an enthusiasm for aqua-farming. Be that as it may, he did not have any involvement with aqua-farming, simply standard dirt cultivating.  Peter Brusso is an Engineer, so he just began doing explore and taught himself, generally by failed tests, to develop his food inside his home, all year, in the desert of California.  This book takes you through all the different kinds of hydroponic growing frameworks, all the significant aspects, and the terrible aspects of each.

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