Self Defense Weapon Parrot

The self defense weapon parrot Wow… this is a great self defense weapon known as the Parrot! The Parrot is a very aggressive weapon that can stop your attacker(s) very quickly. The addition of the new feature known as the “beak pieces” or simply a parrot beak. This is very new as it will quickly pick

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New Side Carry Lanyard

Now another great way to carry your self defense weapon! We have a new side lanyard now! You get a hook for your gear (pant’s loops, purse, or web gear etc.) that really makes it easy to fit your defender onto you! It sports a new “breakaway” clip that also integrates into the New Neck

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Weekly Training Page

On this page I will provide links to our youtube account to help the speed of the page. I put all of the lessons embeded and it slowed the page down dramatically. So just remember to come back after you view the video to choose the next one.  Watch Weekly Anjing Banfa Lesson 11 11

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