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There are hundreds of hours of online video training. Also, the members-only section “legendary Senseihood” is jam packed with martial arts lessons.


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The Defenders Self Defense Weapon

The Defenders

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The defender self-defense weapons were invented in 2004 and have seen both combat and use to protect civilians. You have the right to stop people from hurting you or your loved ones, and the defenders are just the right tool for that job. They have saved hundreds from successful physical attacks that would have ended in death (so the users say). So, head over to PDWS.biz and check them out. All with FREE training too!

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There is a section of the website for Anjing Banfa members only and another one for legendary senseihood. So, we cover both sides of the coin for our Anjing Banfaests and members only. The members-only area about teaching martial arts and lots of great concepts to rapidly take you from a teacher to a legend. If you want into these sections, send an email from our contact form.

Master Peter Brusso founded Anjing Banfa in the early ’70s, after having returned from Vietnam. His observation was that martial arts lacked realism and needed to be well rounded.

Home of the martial art known as Anjing Banfa

Anjing Banfa is now in its 45th year of existence. We have taught many a warrior all over the world and due to our innovations, different thinking, have saved many lives on our side and taken many lives on the other side.

In the old days existing styles focused on ground fighting only or stand-up fighting only. Now we see takedown arts such as MMA as the real deal.

No so for combat. It is still my opinion that in combat you don’t want to be taken down and if you are you must end it quickly; get back up and join the fight. Anjing Banfa was born and has flourished over the last 45 years.

Anjing Banfa practitioners strive to have good fighting skills whether on their feet, on the ground, or using any available weapon system. It is important to fight in every type of weather and terrain. Training conditions range from cold to hot, concrete to mud, extreme brightness to total darkness.

Training occurs at altitude, on the ground, and in water. Regardless of the scenario, Anjing Banfa’s primary focus is to survive the most violent attacks known to man.

As thinking warriors, Anjing Banfa practitioners learn to apply chemistry, anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, math, and engineering in all things they do. These disciplines are necessary to understand how weapons work, how to design weapons, how the body works, and why techniques work.

To improvise, adapt, and overcome requires that a person draws upon a multi-discipline doctrine. The knife fighting and weapons disarm aspect of Anjing Banfa has become known as one of the best systems of its kind. Taught around the world and too many types of warriors, it’s making its presence known in the combat world. Users of this system include forces of the USA, Britain, Germany, Russia, Thailand, and South America, just to name a few. Anjing Banfa focuses on the individual person as a weapons system.

“You are the weapon”

This is at the heart of the training. Both the physical and mental aspects of warriorhood are taught from day one. It is a union of both these areas that make legendary warrior skills. Much of that concept is totally lost in today’s martial arts because they do not have to fight for their lives. An art born of war will always strive to keep things simple and effective.

Anjing Banfa was born from these roots and strives to keep this essence in the art. It is not a martial art it’s a way of thinking; it’s a way of life.

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