Interviews 2020

There is a great blog post I did that has not only this interview but more great knife on knife related topics:

A phone interview from the Raven Talk podcast with Fernan Vargus. 

Master Peter Brusso has been one of my mentors for over a decade. The man has had a vast and unique career in the combat arts. While this interview only scratches the surface, it will give you some insight into the man and his art. This interview was not recorded with the intention of being aired, but rather to be transcribed for inclusion in a future volume of the Masters of the Blade book series from Twin Raven Publishing. The audio, therefore, is not as conversational in tone as our other interviews. The material however is golden. If you enjoy the interview and would like to read similar interviews with other Masters of the Blade please visit for the first book in the series.

Interview with Mattias Sensei about the black belt tests. This is a great interview with lots of shots and videos from prior tests… a must see for Anjing Banfaists and enthusiasts of Anjing Banfa… to include a helicopter attack! Where do you see that in other martial arts, huh? Well you do with us…always expect the unexpected and this interview shows that in spades!

Frank Seringa interviews as a visiting sensei!

Frank discusses his experience with Anjing Banfa training group for the last two years of being invited to teach the group during their black belt test. Very interesting interview as we look at the art!