Master Cal Feamster


Cal Feamster was a great martial artist. He was the first black belt I promoted in Anjing Banfa. It was funny that one day we were fighting and he hit me. I realized he was in my head seeing what I was going to do. So I thought of something to do that I wasn’t really going to do and he went for it… and I hit him. I kept that up for a bit the bang …. I got hit. I realized he was there again. Now, what more could I teach him? It was then I told him he will be promoted the next training period. 

Cal was not only a great artist but a wonderful man too. We all grew into great friends. He worked at Sandia Labs across the street from LLNL. He was part of the then defunct martial arts club; which I ultimately took over.

After I moved to San Diego, a few years passed and Cal got very sick with cancer. Mel Sensei went to see him every week or so and saw him only days before he died. We have kept his memory alive with us and Master Kerry Lewis even had one of his black belt tests he was leading to carry a piece of red cloth with a “C” on it in memory of Cal.  

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