Master Larry Ahlquist

Master Larry Ahlquist has been in the art since about 1995! He and his family came to join my dojo and he continued to study for all these years; he attained his “master” status in the 2000’s period.

He is wicked with a blowgun too! He is a superb quality artist and brings a great twist to the art too. He also runs one of the most exclusive dinner/business clubs in LA so we do have some good times there for sure.

He has hosted most of the Marines that either study with me or work with me on the MCMAP project. Master Ahlquist is great on night ops too.

He brings a great talent of the organization to the practitioners as well. He is a great asset to the artists and to the art of Anjing Banfa.

In the picture, he is on your right; giving a sword class to the March 2015 test team.