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If you are interested in ordering one of these bad boys... head over to or


If you are interested in ordering one of these bad boys... head over to or


In the slider above we show all the invention line of the defenders however the ones shown here are the best of breed of the self defense weapons.

The defender one is our standard carry model and the third in the invention line. It is clearly fully featured to defend you but doesn't have the more aggressive nature of some of the other defenders. It surely is a game changer when it comes to your self-defense. With the "bonk" against bones, the square teeth at the top which is for soft tissue attacks, and the point which can really save your life; this is a great choice for you to carry. Also, you will find the big round hole great to capture fingers in and at the very bottom, the hilt, which makes a great tool to smash into a skull or even a hand. I have no doubt about the ability of this tool, self-defense weapon, to serve you well in your travels.

If you are interested in ordering one of these bad boys... head over to or

The defender two is really one of our more aggressive self-defense weapons. If one point was good, as in the defender one, three points just have to be better. In addition to the points which are incredible tools to move people around with you also have the serrated or sawtooth area to grab soft tissue it. This self-defense weapon also comes with a large hole to capture fingers and is one of the most preferred versions that we manufacture. If you're going to go out in the wilderness to hike, for example, you want to be nice you have to be definitive in your self-defense and the defender two certainly does that in spades.

The Guppy be self-defense weapon was our first self-defense weapon invention. It certainly does have great features to it, such that you can strike bony surfaces much like using a hammer, but you can also use the handle hilt to a tax soft tissue areas. This travels on any airplane, anywhere in the world, and certainly has the ability to defend you when you most need it.

This stealth defender was actually born out of an accident. Master Brusso was cutting some samples and one broke, and he held it in his hand and said “Ah Ha”… with a little bit of sculpting we now have the stealth self-defense weapon. One of the really clever parts of this tool is the offset tale at the bottom of the handle. When placed between fingers of an opponent grabbing you, with a slight twist, they yell with pain and let go. Also in this model is the first "chamfered edge" that acts like a cutting surface. You can easily use this on bony areas of the body or even soft tissue to open up or cut them. It also makes a great fish descaler!

Finally, we have a pocket-sized defender called the RP defender. This little bad boy clearly will ruin somebody's day very quickly as it has the combination of two points in the front one point at the bottom and sawtooth serrations for soft tissue capture. It also comes with a large finger grabbing whole if you so choose to use that, but this design allows you to hold onto it better by placing your finger in a large hole. Lots of people absolutely love this tool it might be just right for you as well.

Self Defense Weapon Spec Ops 2

Spec Ops 2

This is an aggressive weapon that is super great to carry as it can defend you against attackers in multiple ways. From punishing them kicking, punching or pushing you via the front point... when you point it at them and let their aggression run into it. It is also very low profile so they don't really see what you are holding and that can save your life too. An unknown intimidation isn't a bad thing at all. Also at the end of the handle is a point which is super great to "crash" into heads, arms or hands that grab you. Super choice of a self defense weapon plus it does fit on all of our lanyards!

The Ronsonator is a very aggressive self defense weapon. Its name comes from the fellow Jon Ronson who did the documentary "the crazy rulers of the world" that ultimately lead into the movie "the men who stare at goats"... where George Clooney plays Master Peter Brusso in real live. The Defender 1 is also showing in the movie but then it was known as the "predator". This weapon, the ronsonator, integrates many of the aggressive features of other models all into one!

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If you are interested in ordering one of these bad boys... head over to or

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