Travel Package

Cost of the individual tools would be: $ 46.85 but this package allows you to get all three for just $33.48!

This is a very nice package to purchase if you are planning a trip; US or abroad. The Guppy can go on any airplane as it has no sharp points; however, don’t let that fool you! This self defense weapon has a narrow handle that attacks pressure points really well.  Also, used like a hammer it can cause large amounts of pain and damage to a head or hand. It’s a perfect tool to carry on a plane or go anywhere with you. Of course, if asked what it is… use the “chef cooking tool” explanation and you can see the website for it by clicking here.

You should put the other two tools into your check on luggage. Once you get where you are going you can change out the guppy for a defender 1 self defense weapon for your normal carry. If you are going into a unknown area which might need a little bit more self defense then carry a parrot. The parrot is a very aggressive self defense weapon so it will serve you well in that environment.

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